In 10 years of working – across cultures, in local/regional/global roles - for different companies (Coca-Cola, NIVEA and Natura) I have developed an understanding of the frames and processes that support businesses and help them create and grow.

In studying cultural anthropology I have been made aware of the role culture plays in understanding behavior. I also have a strong belief in the power of authenticity to establish meaningful connections between a company and its consumers.

The Sweet Spot was born out of this mix.

Here, by blending my business and anthropology background, I try to understand and apply human behavior on 2 levels: on the level of the company that wants to create or grow and on the level of the people that will engage with its products. I do this because I believe that successful companies develop out of meaningful connections between them and their consumers. A meaningful connection happens when the company understands and listens both to its own culture as well as the culture of its consumers.

To know more about my background watch below:

What I believe in

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This clip tells a story of one of my first successes as a marketeer

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Snapshot of my experience in Natura, a company deeply connected to its consumers

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This clip tells a story of how anthropology enriched my branding knowledge

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