This is the beginning of an exciting new chapter – entrepreneurship.
This is me at this time in my life combining my knowledge of branding and anthropology with my love for meeting cool people and doing cool projects.

I hope the Sweet Spot grows into a place that brings together like minded people and enables them to do the same. I hope it branches out in the various corners of the world that I have lived in and love (Brazil, Romania, Netherlands, Austria, Germany) and the many more I do not know of yet. I hope it builds multi disciplinary and multicultural teams connecting branding and anthropology to help create and grow more authentic brands.

But for now is this. The beginning. This website and my first training project: a workshop on how to bring mission and purpose at the center of your brand.

If you want to know more about it check it out here:


This is the first one. To many more cool ones ahead!


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