On corporate tribes: the identity of an organisation (1)

I have spent the last month in Amsterdam together with a research partner, understanding the identity of an organisation called Click Supply. I would like to share part of this project in this space in 2 separate posts.

In this post I would like to:

a) Give an overview of the project as it is explained by the 2 business owners of Click Supply – Joeroen Helder and Daan van Luipen. You can watch them below:

b) “Show”a 3 part documentary (called Office Hours) on the back office of our work as researchers.  You can watch it below:

Part 1 – Week 0
Anthropology meets business. Setting the scene for the field investigation

Part 2 – Week 3
Being in the field. Methods used to interpret data

Part 3 – Week 4
Analysis and report buildup

In the next post I will go in depth into the theoretical framework that we used to understand the organisation.




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